About Us

The Base London Corporate Structure.

Established in 1995 to tend to the footwear needs of the modern man, Base London was the brainchild of an already extremely successful manufacturing organisation, Tregarron. 

Base London was launched at the same time as guys began to have their style dictated by dedicated men’s fashion magazines, sculpting not only their look, but also their attitude and confidence.

With an overwhelming passion for delivering incredible footwear, Base London is also renowned for being confident, energetic, sociable and cheeky, not taking themselves too seriously but at the same time being serious about shoes.

Although the brand Base London was established in 1995, the brand’s owner David Conibere had already amassed many years of experience within the footwear industry. A manufacturer of commercial fashion focused footwear for over 40 years and a major supplier to high street retail giants including Marks and Spencer, Next and Debenhams, David has also supplied some of the world’s leading footwear and accessories labels such as Kenneth Cole. David’s production company, Tregarron, works in close association with the Brand and enables Base London to stay dominant within the men’s footwear market both in the UK and overseas.

Factories are regularly audited to maintain the Brand’s exemplary standards


Factories & Standards

Sourcing their product from around the World, including Europe, India and China using industry renowned agents gives Base London an excellent working relationship with its factories.  These factories are regularly audited to maintain the Brand’s exemplary standards and ensure it is always using the most up to date techniques and processes.  It is of the upmost importance to Base London that its partners uphold the highest principles in terms of ethical employment standards and working conditions. This coupled with the dedicated work of an in-house quality assurance team, has led to an unrivalled reputation in the footwear arena for quality, reliability and integrity.


Designed in England.


Base London has an in-house design and development team with over 130 years of expertise in all areas of shoe design and construction and are proud of the level of innovation and creativity in every range they present each season.  Base London supplies all types of manufacturing methods from cemented to stitched and vulcanised to strobel constructions. 


It is not solely innovative and contemporary design that makes Base London stand out. The high levels of craftsmanship, attention to detail and finish to each pair provides a product that lasts. Mixing modern manufacturing techniques with traditional elements and hand crafting, allows Base London to create collections that are both versatile and durable yet each pair is finished in their own unique way.

The Brand’s own quality control team ensures that the highest standards of production are maintained, inspecting each style at every stage of construction whilst also ensuring that its products are manufactured in the most ethical way.

Base London's exclusive distribution centre is located in prime position.


Base London’s exclusive Distribution Centre in Southern England is situated within 15 minutes of London’s Heathrow Airport offering a 20,000 sq ft modern facility. Located in prime position close to major road networks and Southern Sea Ports, allowing smooth movement of product whether by air, sea or land. The dedicated team, boasting expertise in every aspect of supply chain management, ensures seamless processing from factory floor to customer’s door, meeting full compliance at every stage. Together with the Logistical Operation they offer the complete infrastructure to accommodate any global requirement. Base London prides itself on its faultless service and ensures every promise is always met.

Experience & Expertise

At Base London product is king, but it is the people behind the scenes that are the heartbeat of the brand. With a century and a half of experience between the management there is not much they don’t know about the industry and the market. 

Base London believes that its people are the strongest in their respective fields and what they bring to the party helps to drive Base London, its partners and its customers’  businesses forward.