Our Story

Then & Now

Base London was launched in 1995 to tend to the footwear needs of the more fashion conscious male. Before this guys were only presented with high-end designer or own-label footwear options. However his needs had changed, he had developed his understanding of fashion, labels and trends and his desire to stand out with something different, something more individual, was now a necessity.

Appearing on the High Street at the same time as lad’s mags were first hitting shelves, the Base London guy was beginning to have his appearance put into the spotlight. Magazines such as FHM and Maxim were informing his style decisions and he developed a new confidence and attitude towards life, which has been engraved within the ethos of the Base London brand.

Smart & Casual

Base London builds their seasonal collections with the main objective of supplying guys with a footwear choice for all parts of their life. Whether he is at work, out with his friends, on a date, at a formal event or simply relaxing at home, the Base London collection is designed to provide him with the perfect footwear choice.

Developing and delivering a broad and diverse selection of styles season after season, Base London has mastered the skill of tending to the taste buds of the more fashion savvy consumer. He needs something different, something that will make him stand out from his friends but won’t alienate him; although his appearance is important, the acceptance of those around him is vital.

Base London sees the design process as answering a need through aesthetics and functionality. Consumers demand footwear that combines function and fashionability (the look). Our designers, therefore, travel extensively to draw inspiration from young male culture across the globe ensuring these demands are met. 

Paying attention to details such as textured leathers, high quality finishes, prints and exclusive sole designs, sets us apart from our competitors, ensuring Base London remains unique in the market. 

The Base London footwear collection aims to keep a strong brand identity, originality and commerciality season after season.


Pride & Passion

Base London has an overwhelming passion for delivering great product for an affordable price and at the perfect time. The collections are built around the need and lifestyles of the customer, because sometimes life requires them to look a bit sharper and other times they are allowed to dress down. Either way, they don’t want to just look great, they want to invest in a brand that aligns itself with their aspirations and expectations.


Injecting every pair of shoes with the personality that has made Base London the footwear favourite for guys both in Britain and across the globe, the brand infuses charm, cheekiness, energy and confidence into all of their products.


As a brand Base London displays an irrefutable confidence in themselves and their products, believing that this attitude will rub off on all that wear them.


Style & Substance

The Base London life ethos is simple, work hard, play harder but most importantly live life at a pace and enjoy every step.

In order to look good you must first feel good. Base London provides confidence in guys by giving them a product that they feel comfortable in, conforming to their lifestyle and attitude and infusing this with the brands own personality.

Base London understands that there is more to life than a pair of shoes, but it’s what they do best.